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Trade Show Styling - The Inspired Home Show at McCormick Place

Updated: Feb 5

Corelle Brands - Trade Show Styling | Visual Merchandising | Prop Styling

As the lead prop stylist behind Corelle Brand's striking 160' x 40' trade show booth at the 2019 Inspired Home Show at McCormick Place, I am excited to share the story of our partnership.

A sophisticated and spacious trade show booth for Corelle Brands, expertly styled by Amanda Wolfson, showcasing the brand's kitchenware in a beautifully arranged, market-like setting. The booth features a modern, open-concept design with shelves stocked with various Corelle products, elegantly set tables, and decorative greenery, all under a large hanging sign with the Corelle Brands logo. The attention to detail in the visual merchandising and prop styling creates an inviting atmosphere that highlights the quality and style of Corelle's offerings at the trade show.
Corelle Brands - Trade Show Styling | Visual Merchandising | Prop Styling

Photo Credit Natalie Ginele Miller

Our collaboration began when Chicago-based Czarnowski Exhibit and Event Marketing contacted me as a local resource for their client, Corelle Brands, which encompasses the Pyrex, Corelle, CorningWare, Snapware, Chicago Cutlery, Zoid, and Instant brands. They were looking for someone with experience in large-scale trade shows, knowledge of McCormick Place best practices and union guidelines, and Chicago resources to keep costs reasonable.

Focused on showcasing their beautiful dinnerware from their category of product lines, including CorningWare's iconic blue Cornflower pattern, my team aimed to create captivating displays that would highlight more than 25 different Corelle patterns with details like furniture, rugs, plants, flowers, food, and props, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Photo Credit Natalie Ginele Miller

An expansive view of a trade show setup, styled by Amanda Wolfson, displaying Corelle Brands' products. The long table runs through the scene with a creative arrangement of Corelle plates, bowls, and accessories, each setting accented with natural elements like greenery and citrus fruits. Overhead, warm lighting from string bulbs casts a welcoming glow over the space, highlighting the careful attention to detail and the inviting ambiance of the presentation.
Corelle Brands - Trade Show Styling | Visual Merchandising | Prop Styling

Through meticulous prop styling and attention

to detail, we crafted visually stunning compositions that drew visitors into the booth, an airy and elegant space designed to feel like home. Every element was carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of the product and create a cohesive visual experience from front to back. Armoires lined the outside edges of the booth for great showcasing of the 2019 Spring Launches, and two dramatic, 12' long dining tables in the center provided tablescape inspiration for visitors (my absolute favorite)!

Note the Corelle patterns printed on the floors, integrating their latest pattern into the space.

The talented and adorable Manhattan-based chef and food stylist, Ashton Keefe, offered live cooking demonstrations in the kitchen, located at the front entrance of the booth, showing attendees how to best use Corelle Brands' various products. We styled the back wall of the kitchen as the perfect backdrop for engagement.

Our expertise in trade show styling and visual merchandising positions us as leaders in the industry. Join us as we bring your brand to life through captivating visual experiences. 

Discover the power of exceptional trade show styling and witness firsthand the transformative effect it can have on your booth's success. Let us create an unforgettable visual experience that will captivate your audience and elevate your presence at every event.

For more examples of my work, please visit me here!

Photo Credit Natalie Ginele Miller

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