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Product and tabletop styling for Ulta Beauty's digital, print and in-store photography.


My objective when working with Ulta Beauty is to craft images that align with their brand guidelines while showcasing specific products, surfaces, backdrops, props, and fresh floral arrangements that resonate with the brand, season, and category. My primary focus is to meet Ulta Beauty's requirements and goals, creating visually appealing and cohesive images for their print catalogs, email campaigns, social media, and in-store displays.


Working closely with the internal team at Ulta Beauty, we receive individual shot assignments with specific product selections and creative direction. My styling expertise comes into play as we bring each shot to life with technical skill and attention to detail. Whether it's organizing cosmetics and holiday kits into attractive groupings or showcasing men's fragrances in the catalog, we diligently follow the directives to create compelling visuals.


One of the exciting aspects of this project is the diversity of products we handle, including fragrance, cosmetics, skincare, hair care, socially conscious and holiday collections. Each category requires a unique approach to tell a story to the target audience across various platforms. Execution involves various styling techniques, from creating crushed and smeared effects with cosmetics like powder blushes, eye shadow, and foundation to artfully arranging fresh ingredients for fragrance shots. As product stylists, our ability to work with precision and finesse is essential to achieve the desired look for each product.

As part of the process, we make the most of Ulta Beauty's in-house surfaces, props, and the photographer's lighting techniques to craft visually engaging stories for different spaces, such as page layouts, store banners, and social media content. Collaboration with the photographer is vital in ensuring the images effectively communicate the desired message and brand identity.


Through my expert prop and tabletop styling, we consistently deliver high-quality images that align with Ulta Beauty's brand vision and marketing objectives. My ability to adapt to various product categories and execute creative ideas with technical expertise has made me a trusted partner in their visual storytelling. The images we create showcase Ulta Beauty's product offerings attractively, leaving a lasting impression on their customers across multiple platforms and locations.

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