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Creative direction, visual merchandising and installation for national bridal industry trade show at the Merchandise Mart Chicago.


Welcome to the National Bridal Market Chicago, where the magic of wedding and special occasion apparel comes to life. Over the span of four years, I've been fortunate to play a creative role in this remarkable trade show. From styling mannequins to crafting captivating installations, our journey has evolved, transforming spaces into showcases that capture the essence of various bridal brands.


My journey with the National Bridal Market began by styling dozens of mannequins on the show floor, and it's grown into an array of exciting installations. Our collaboration with the show has expanded to encompass a spectrum of experiences – from designing immersive photo backdrops and colorful displays to setting the stage for fashion shows and curating themed visual displays. We navigate budgets and installation logistics with great attention to detail.

I have also been given the opportunity to provide educational seminars during the show, sharing best practices in visual merchandising and window display for boutique owners across the country. 



The theme "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" merges timeless romance with contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by a window display from Harrod’s London, we embraced classic black and white checkered floors complemented by traditional architectural paneling, which beautifully contrasts with vibrant blue accents showcased through hand-cut paper butterflies, delightful floral arrangements, and a collection of special occasion dresses in shades of blue.


The challenge of consecutive shows in the same space urged us to innovate and reimagine designs, allowing us to create fresh looks while optimizing resources. Meticulously curating materials, colors, and props played a key role in translating the vision into reality. The planning process involved mood boards and sketches, detailed proposals, and comprehensive coordination with the team to ensure a seamless execution.


The excitement of witnessing the transformation from concept to reality is why we do what we do. With a dedicated team of skilled merchandisers, engineers, and other tradesmen, each element falls into place just as planned. Collaborating with experts in large-scale prints, flooring, and logistical coordination is how we bring the show together as a team.



As the curtains rise on the National Bridal Market Chicago, our journey of elegance and innovation takes center stage. With every display exuding a distinct charm, we proudly reaffirm our commitment to redefining trade show styling, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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