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Art direction, prop sourcing, and tabletop styling showcasing new colorways for James Hardie, a world-leading manufacturer of premium building products. Guy Bauer Productions/Umault.

For the James Hardie Mood Boards project, my focus was on tabletop styling, prop styling, and art direction. The goal was to curate and source props for 8 different siding options, each telling a unique story and evoking specific emotions. The challenge lay in efficiently executing 8 distinct narratives while ensuring cohesion and seasonal relevance.

Guided by client directives, the concept delved into the meaning behind each color, aligning with James Hardie's desired emotional responses. Key design principles included holiday-centric themes for three colors and "evergreen" concepts for the rest. Communication and mood boards played a crucial role in aligning visions and avoiding surprises during execution.

Implementing the vision involved trial and error, refining overhead shots, and omitting props that didn't fit the narrative. The process required a keen eye for cohesion and visual storytelling. Collaboration with photographer Guy Bauer was essential to enhance colors and bring out the product's features. Lighting techniques and photography skills tied the entire series into a visually captivating narrative.

Results and Conclusion:
The completed project delivered a series of images for each color theme, offering a diverse visual palette for James Hardie. Additionally, stop-motion videos were crafted using the props, adding movement and personality to the product. These assets are not only engaging but serve as powerful tools for James Hardie's social media strategy, fostering audience connection and brand engagement.

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