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Product styling, soft goods styling and lifestyle for the Holly + Tanager brand, creating content for web and social media.


Holly & Tanager, a fashion brand specializing in handbags, required detailed product photography for their website and online sales. The project involved capturing six colorways of five different handbag styles. The goal was to showcase every feature and detail of the handbags, including hardware, to highlight their functionality. The shoot took place in Chicago, and the brand relied on my expertise as the stylist, along with the photographer, to drive the extensive shot list, resulting in fast-paced and efficient shooting days.



We focused on creating a comprehensive shot list that covered various angles and perspectives for each handbag. We aimed to capture flatlay/overhead shots for social media and product shots for the website. Key elements in the styling process included ensuring color and texture consistency throughout the images.

To display the functionality of the handbag straps, which could be converted into multiple styles, I had custom-made white wooden boxes fabricated to stack and layer the bags. Additionally, we used fishing line to achieve the perfect hanging position for the backpacks and totes.


Collaboration with the photographer, Daniel Fitzpatrick, was essential to ensure a seamless process. With a strong working relationship and trust between us, we efficiently executed the shot list, moving swiftly through dozens of handbags. The brand provided mood boards as a reference for the overall aesthetic, allowing me to source complementary props to create seasonal and lifestyle stories for each product.



We worked to align my styling elements with the brand's concept and meet their specific needs. The white sweep setup for each handbag effectively highlighted their design and features, contributing to a clean and elegant presentation on the website. We paid close attention to detail and consistency, ensuring that the product images were visually appealing and reflected the brand's identity.

Practical aspects, such as prepping and steaming the products, were taken care of by the crew to maintain the handbags' pristine appearance. The collaboration with Daniel Fitzpatrick enabled us to maintain a steady workflow, ensuring the completion of the extensive shot list within the scheduled timeframe.



The project successfully delivered a series of high-quality product photographs that showcased Holly & Tanager's handbags in their best light. By capturing each handbag's functionality and features, the images provided online shoppers with a comprehensive view of the products, helping to drive sales and elevate the brand's image. Through effective collaboration, attention to detail, and trust in the stylist-photographer team, we achieved a seamless and successful product styling project for Holly & Tanager.

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