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Crafting Order: Behind the Scenes Prop Styling of Our Modular Closets Commercial Shoot

Updated: May 15

Prop Styling | Video Production

In the world of home organization, where every space holds the promise of calm and efficiency, Modular Closets stands out for their quality, price, elegant design and DIY-friendly closets. Recently, I had the privilege of working on a commercial shoot that showcases their closet solutions through satisfying sights and sounds.

Of course, the magic on screen is often the result of meticulous behind-the-scenes vision and collaboration. Join me as I peel back the curtain on my partnership with Umault, a boutique B2B video ad agency, and the talented individuals who helped us transform a set into a haven of organized (and sunlit) bliss.

As the cameras rolled and the lights danced, the heart of our shoot beat steadily in the hands of DP Ted Holmwood, Konnor Simons and Director Guy Bauer of Umault, while Matt Hatleberg's expertise in lighting lent our footage the polish and professionalism it deserved. Together, we crafted a visual narrative that not only showcased Modular Closets' products but also evoked the tranquil satisfaction of a space where chaos gives way to order.

I was given a storyboard, measurements, and color palette, and asked to evoke feelings of satisfaction through textures, sounds, and color within the interior of a real closet in Huntly, Illinois.

Leading the charge in front of the lens was Jill Oliver, whose personality breathed life into our commercial, and Torie Conn transformed her into the epitome of style through artful hair and makeup.

What set this production apart was the seamless synergy among the crew. From the initial concept meetings (and a snowy January drive) to the final edit, every decision was made with the shared goal of capturing the essence of Modular Closets' brand, and we really had fun along the way!

Check out the spot below, now streaming on TV!

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