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Transforming a Bungalow: Before and After Interior Styling with Apartment Therapy and Kohl's

Interior Styling

There's something magical about the transformation of a living space. It's not just about arranging furniture or adding a fresh coat of paint; it's about infusing life into every nook and cranny, turning a house into a home. Recently, we worked with Apartment Therapy and Kohl's to bring this magic to life in a Chicago bungalow in the up-and-coming Belmont Gardens neighborhood.

Our mission was to revamp the entryway and guest bedroom, creating functional and serene spaces that reflected the homeowner's personality and lifestyle. Armed with a myriad of products exclusively from Kohl's and our expertise in interior styling, we dove headfirst into the project, ready to breathe new life into these areas.

The Before:

The entryway greeted us with a sense of potential, yet it lacked the cohesive charm that makes a first impression truly memorable. Cluttered with shoes, coats, and miscellaneous items, it was clear that this space needed a makeover to welcome guests with open arms.

As for the guest bedroom, it possessed a certain quaintness but lacked the functionality and tranquility that would make visitors feel at ease during their stay. The furniture seemed mismatched, and the overall ambiance needed a refresh.

The Transformation:

With Kohl's vast array of stylish and affordable home goods at our disposal, our team got to work. We carefully selected furniture pieces, decor accents, and organizational solutions to breathe new life into these spaces while staying true to the homeowner's aesthetic preferences.

The After:

The transformation was remarkable. Stepping into the entryway felt like a breath of fresh air, with clutter replaced by clean lines and inviting warmth. The guest bedroom, once lacking in character, now radiated tranquility and comfort, inviting visitors (and dogs!) to unwind and relax in style.

Through the collaborative efforts of Apartment Therapy, Kohl's, and our dedicated team, we were able to turn a vision into reality, showcasing the transformative power of interior styling. By curating products exclusively from Kohl's and leveraging our expertise, we not only met but exceeded the homeowner's expectations, leaving behind spaces that truly felt like home.

In the end, it's not just about the furniture or decor—it's about the feeling of joy and contentment that fills the air when a space is thoughtfully designed and curated. And in this Chicago bungalow, that feeling is palpable, serving as a testament to the magic that happens when creativity and collaboration come together.

To read the full story about the entryway upgrade on Apartment Therapy, visit the link here!

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