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Behind the Lens: A Whirlwind 3-Day Product Styling Project for Iconic Brands

Set Design | Prop Styling | Tabletop Styling | Product Styling

In the fast-paced world of commercial photography, every moment counts. In January of this year, we embarked on a journey that pushed the limits of organization and creativity as we brought three beloved brands to life through the lens. Led by the visionary Jeff Schear and shooting at one of my favorite Chicago spaces, Throop Studio, this three-day photoshoot was a testament to precision, passion, and the art of storytelling.

Day 1: Blue Bunny

Our adventure began with Blue Bunny, an iconic name synonymous with indulgence and delight. With Jeff Schear at the helm, we dove headfirst into a whirlwind of activity, meticulously crafting each shot to capture the essence of Blue Bunny's irresistible treats. In the kitchen, culinary wizard Jillian McCann worked her magic, preparing mouthwatering ingredients that would serve as the centerpiece of our compositions.

Meanwhile, I had the task of hand-selecting each surface, backdrop, and prop element to create the perfect tableau for each scene. From wiping fingerprints off every pint to ensuring flawless product placement, no detail was too small in our quest for perfection.

Behind the camera were the talents of Ryan Bringas and John Ruzich, who in my opinion are the best in the industry at their craft. I was also lucky to have Brittany Sartin by my side, who plays the supporting role better than any stylist I know. Hats off to Jeff for putting this stellar team together.

Blue Bunny Twist Cherry Chocolate ice cream styled with fresh cherries and chocolate chunks on a textured pastel background, illustrating the flavor’s richness.
Blue Bunny Twist Cherry Chocolate

Day 2: Halo Top

As the sun rose on day two, we shifted gears to Halo Top, the pioneer of guilt-free indulgence. With its clean aesthetic and innovative flavors, Halo Top presented a unique challenge – one that we met with gusto. We crafted a custom environment with dripping caramel to serve as our backdrop. And behind the scenes, I worked tirelessly to curate the perfect visual elements, ensuring that every shot reflected the sophistication and allure of the Halo Top brand.

containers of Halo Top ice cream, featuring light caramel and peppermint flavors, set against a warm wooden background, styled by Amanda Wolfson in Chicago.
Halo Top Trio

Day 3: Bomb Pop

As the final day dawned, we saved the best for last with Bomb Pop, an American classic that Gen Z loves. With its vibrant colors and nostalgic appeal, we worked both in-camera and in post-production to evoke the newest flavors including Blue Raspberry Freeze, Extreme Fire Cherry, and limited edition Unicorn Wonder. Amid Chicago's freezing winter, we brought the magic of summer to life, crafting images that evoked the joy and excitement of childhood.

As the final image was captured and the last pint was wiped clean, we couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Over three intense days, we produced over 60 images that showcased the unique identity of each brand. In the fast-paced world of commercial photography, moments like these are precious. But as we look back on our whirlwind adventure, we know that we wouldn't have it any other way.

Check out our behind-the-scenes images below, and for more of my work visit

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