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Spilling is Believing! Soft Goods Styling in Chicago

Crypton Fabric - Soft Goods Styling

Crypton Fabric offers a stunning range of multi-colored fabrics designed to inspire and transform spaces in healthcare, hospitality, office, and residential environments. Our collaboration focused on showcasing these vibrant hues in captivating compositions for use in print ads, online marketing materials, and for its many retail partners, which include Arhaus, Ballard Designs, CB2, Design Within Reach, and Pottery Barn.

With the direction of Bud Rodecker of Span Studio and the technical talents of photographer Ross Floyd, these tight shots of various Crypton collections are a departure from traditional performance upholstery photography which typically shows lifestyle imagery / an interior environment.

A promotional image for Crypton Fabric showcasing its durability and style, with a close-up of draped high-performance fabrics in blue and neutral tones, accompanied by the tagline "This beauty is a beast." The second part of the image features a circular cutout revealing layered fabric textures in green and blue, with a text overlay emphasizing the protective qualities of Crypton fabrics, all part of Amanda Wolfson's Chicago-based soft goods styling portfolio.
Crypton Tear Sheet Courtesy of Span

As the stylist behind this exciting photoshoot, I am thrilled to share our soft goods styling journey with you.

With an eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of color's impact, I styled each fabric collection to create visually striking arrangements, as well as showcase the performance of these fabrics which are stain-resistant and sustainably made. Working closely with Ross, we created movement, pockets of shadows contrasted with high light, and artfully spilled liquids in just the right places to show the performance nature of these upholstery textiles.

Our goal was to capture attention and evoke emotions that resonate with interior designers, homeowners, and industry professionals alike. Through careful attention to detail, we ensured that each fabric's unique texture and pattern were flawlessly showcased.

From luxurious velvets to contemporary textures, every fabric collection became a work of art (that's ok to spill on ;)

Photography - Ross Floyd

Agency - Span Studio

Styling - Amanda Wolfson

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