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Prop and set styling at the Vera Bradley Corporate Headquarters for the launch of The Harry Potter Collection: Friends of Hogwarts - Magic Awaits!

Vera Bradley - Prop Styling | Set Design

As a prop stylist and set designer, I worked with the team at Vera Bradley on the launch of the Harry Potter - Friends of Hogwarts Collection by planning and sourcing props, furniture, and other set elements to create visually captivating shots that highlight the details of each product.


Vera Bradley, known for their vibrant and stylish patterns, turned to me to execute sets that would enhance their product's appeal and tell a magical story centered around the beloved characters. We designed various moody, playful, and mysterious vignettes inspired by the iconic movie.

Through prop styling and set design, we aimed to evoke emotions and capture the essence of the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collaboration. The result is a series of captivating visuals that draw the eye and leave a lasting impression on viewers.


Experience the artistry of prop styling and set design as we showcase the Harry Potter collection by Vera Bradley.

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