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National Bridal Market Chicago - Trade Show Styling

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Visual Merchandising | Trade Show Styling | Floral Design | Installation

For one of the nation's leading trade shows for bridal and special occasion gowns and accessories, my team and I provide a comprehensive range of services to the National Bridal Market Chicago including creative direction, visual merchandising, visual displays, floral design and installation, photo backdrop walls, lounge vignettes and “Instagrammable moments” to surprise and delight buyers who attend from around the world.

With a team of skilled visual merchandisers that I have carefully built, my leadership and expertise allow us to curate captivating displays that showcase the beauty and elegance of bridal and special occasion gowns, creating an elevated trade show experience.

To enhance the overall atmosphere, we incorporate floral design and installations throughout the space. The intricate arrangements and installations add a touch of romance and elegance, perfectly complementing a different theme for each show, which takes place twice a year at the historic Merchandise Mart.

Additionally, we design and install photo backdrop walls that serve as a picturesque setting for capturing memorable moments. These beautifully designed backdrops became a popular spot for attendees to take photos and share their experiences, generating buzz and excitement around the event.

Finally, we design a large concessions lounge where visitors can relax and immerse themselves in the bridal ambiance. The thoughtfully designed space provides a comfortable retreat where attendees can have a sip and a snack, gather their thoughts, network, and engage with the event in a more intimate setting.

Our comprehensive approach to styling a large-scale trade show through visual merchandising, display, and installation ensures that the National Bridal Market Chicago at the Merchandise Mart is a visually stunning and memorable experience year after year.

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