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"Packaging a Better Future" - Prop Styling and Food Styling for Pactiv Evergreen | Chicago

North America's Leading Manufacturer of Fresh Food and Beverage Packaging

Call me a juggler! Sometimes food IS the prop when you're shooting food packaging containers for restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and recreation. If you've ever had McDonald's french fries or a coffee from Starbucks, chances are they were served in Pactiv Evergreen's containers. It's been a joy doing tabletop styling using both food and props to capture the company's offerings.

A diverse array of grocery items and fast food arranged on a kitchen countertop for a photoshoot, styled by prop stylist Amanda Wolfson. The selection includes fresh strawberries, various beverages, packaged snacks, and prepared foods, presented in a clean and inviting kitchen setting.
Pactiv Evergreen Shoot

In collaboration with Jamie Link, a seasoned commercial photographer, we design and build sets using unique surfaces, backdrops, tabletop props, textiles, fresh flowers, and plants to showcase the wide range of products Pactiv Evergreen offers. This project has allowed me to expand my capabilities and work with food in a new and exciting way, always complementing the product and making it the hero in every composition.

Pactiv Evergreen brands include EarthChoice, Greenware, and PlantCarton. They offer packaging for various industries, so we're tasked with creating different environments to show visual examples of how a product is used. Whether it's bakery, beverage, produce, catering, or tableware, we can create a unique scene that tells a visual story.

In a fast-paced world where we consume on the go, it's nice to work for a brand that is committed to sustainability, offering containers that are plant-based, commercially compostable, recyclable, or made of recycled or renewable materials.

Elegantly arranged by prop stylist Amanda Wolfson for Pactiv Evergreen's website, this image displays a selection of gourmet cupcakes on a metal cooling rack and under clear plastic domes, showcasing Pactiv Evergreen's packaging solutions. The cupcakes are adorned with various toppings and frostings, presenting a tempting array in a clean, modern kitchen setting with a white subway tile backdrop, highlighting both the delectable treats and the clarity of the packaging.
Prop Styling - Chicago

To see how these images are used by the internal sales and marketing teams at the company, based in Lake Forest, Illinois, visit their website for more!

Happy eating!


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