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Interior Styling a Chicago Home with Apartment Therapy and The Home Depot

As a Chicago interior stylist, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Apartment Therapy on an exciting new project. Our mission was to style a beautiful Chicago home exclusively with home decor products from The Home Depot (if you haven't seen their selection, it's a MUST!). We were tasked with creating three distinct styles: Organic Modern, Industrial Modern, and Parisian Traditional. This interactive article on allows readers to explore and engage with the images, showcasing the wide range of styles and selections The Home Depot offers.

A Home with History

Our canvas for this project was the stunning vintage home of Laveppia, a Chicago native and AT reader. Located on the same street where she grew up, Laveppia's home is rich with history and character. The warm and welcoming environment set the perfect stage for our styling adventures.

The Creative Process

Our creative journey began with a two-day marathon of unboxing and assembling the furniture and decor. The Home Depot's extensive collection made it easy to find pieces that fit each of the three styles we aimed to showcase. With the help of interior photographer Sarah Crowley, we spent another two days styling and capturing the essence of each design.

Behind the Scenes

While the project was incredibly rewarding, it wasn't without its challenges. Coordinating the delivery and assembly of dozens of pieces, ensuring each vignette was picture-perfect, and maintaining the integrity of Laveppia's vintage home required careful planning and teamwork. Two of my favorite stylists were there to support me, Jennifer Gardunio and Ashley Fair, not to mention a drop-in from one of my favorite TaskRabbits to do some electrical work. Despite these hurdles, the process was gratifying, thanks to the collaborative spirit of everyone involved.

The Result

The final images, now published on, beautifully illustrate how versatile and accessible The Home Depot's home decor offerings are. Readers can see firsthand how to incorporate these styles into their own homes, drawing inspiration from the carefully curated vignettes we created.

A Heartfelt Thank You

A huge thank you to Laveppia for opening her home to us, and to The Home Depot for providing such a diverse range of products. Working with Apartment Therapy has been an incredible experience, and we're thrilled to share our work with their readers. We hope this project inspires you to explore new styles and bring a fresh perspective to your home decor.

For a closer look at our styled vignettes and to discover the products we used, check out the full article on Happy decorating!

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